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For those that like to get off the beaten track we have a number of 4wd tracks that will keep you busy for hours.
You will need a full tank of fuel, plenty of water, a tyre pump and some mates just in case you get in one of those sticky situations.
Please remember to stick to existing tracks and all tracks are only suitable for road-licensed vehicles, there are no off-road vehicle driving areas in the Shire of Dandaragan.


From Sandy Cape there are some stunning beaches and small coves along the way to North Head. At North Head you will get a great view of Jurien Bay and will also see some of the remaining WWII radar stations. This is a very fragile dune area so please do not drive your vehicle right up to the radar stations.

From the Sandy Cape beach, follow the track heading south all the way to North Head, Stick to this track to avoid other dead-ends and trespassing onto private property.

Camp fees apply to the whole reserve area between the Sandy Cape campsite and North Head, although there is no camping at North Head itself. Campers in this area must be fully self contained as there are no toilets, fresh water or power facilities.


Turning west onto Marine Drive off Indian Ocean Drive almost halfway between Cervantes and Jurien Bay you will drive through the Marine Fields estate. Continue along Marine Drive which becomes a gravel track.

This will take you down to a large car park area. Take the track to the north of the car park. This is a limestone 4wd track that will take you all the way to the river mouth. If there is a sand bank across the river it will be extremely soft and is not accessible via vehicle.
Please note there is strictly NO CAMPING here

Gully Caves

Named after the stockmen who used the deep and cool gullies as a natural holding pen for their cattle on the way from Geraldton to Perth for market during the 1950’s.

To get to the cave follow Cockleshell Gully Road north (accessible via Jurien East Road or Coorow-Green Head Road). The road is a graded gravel road up until the farmlands end and the 5km 4WD-only access road begins. This is not recommended for all-wheel drive or low vehicles due to the sharp rocky ground, soft sand and height restrictions required to pass.

Stockyard Gully National Park is accessible year round, with winter and spring being the most vibrant time of the year to visit. Take caution after heavy rain as tracks may be washed out and flooding may occur.

The droving days are gone and what remains is an oasis of lush vegetation along a sandy river bed and an inviting tunnel. From the upstream picnic area, follow the sandy creek bed into the cave. The cave is 300m long and is completely dark at its centre so be sure to bring a torch. The cave is self-guided with a wide, mostly flat and sandy floor.

The cave and surrounding bush areas are home to native flora and fauna species, including bees and bats, but please be respectful and do not touch , remove or shine your torch at any animals.

Pearson’s Track, connects north from the cave at Cockleshell Gully Road to Coolimba-Eneabba Road but it is a more narrow and risky 4WD track and not recommended. Drivers use this track at their own risk.